Here Are The Young Men
The Joy Division Discography

Created by Ger Potze - January 1998.
last modified: October 18, 2003
Compiled from various sources.


As noted before, due to personal (happy) circumstances this site has only been slightly updated throughout the past year.
I hoped to add more the upcoming months, but time provides otherwise. Therefore I have decided to close the site until further
notice. It will not disappear (I pay for this webspace), but the information here is frozen as it is as I write this notification.

Somewhere in the (distant?) future I hope to continue maintaining it as I used to do, and who knows I might even get up-to-date with it all again!?

As long as this website is being closed I also deleted the links to my email.
If you still want to leave a note or just say hi, I have opened a guestbook ...

Thank you,

For all the latest news and updated information, please visit my old friends' website Joy Division Central!

MOJO magazine mentioned this website as THE internet resource at the end of their interview with Peter Hook from late 2000 / early 2001!
(written by Mojo editor John Mullen, and originally only available on Mojo's website)

Go here to read the full interview.
This will NOT lead to the mojo website, because there the interview isn't available anymore,
but you will find a copy right here at "Here Are The Young Men".

As you can read in my sources list, I used some websites compiling my pages on Joy Division, a.o. "Welcome to the Atrocity Exhibition", maintained by Bernt Rostad. First this site moved to another URL, but later on it disappeared from the web. The only thing remaining I could find were text-based files on various locations, a.o. on the website's original location . Currently it can be read on the German e-zine "zine with no name" website.

My pages are not an attempt to redo the work done by Bernt Rostad, or anyone else. My only aim is to provide information on Joy Division releases, and their recording sessions, to give anyone searching for it the information I've been compiling through the years being "into" Joy Division (since I first heard "Love Will Tear Us Apart" somewhere in the eighties).

You are not going to find any stories on Joy Division or Ian Curtis, those things have been done (in print) many times, and I'm not going to tell the tale again. This doesn't mean you can't mail me if you have any questions or contributions.

For all Dutch readers I have here a rather interesting link to reviews of 'classic' albums, including Joy Division's "Closer" (maintained and reviewed by Hans)!

There are many more pages on Joy Division, as you can see in the lists of sites included in various webrings (see at the end of this page). For a long time, one of the best pages I've found though, were the original "Welcome to the Atrocity Exhibition" pages. Where have they been ...?

I know one of the important things on Joy Division, and especially Ian Curtis, were/are the lyrics, but they have been done in print over and over again. Numbers 5, 6, 11, 12, and 13 on my sources list already have included most of the lyrics in print. On the web many people have included them on their site(s). You used to be able to find all lyrics at the Shadowplay webite. This site is closed now, but has been archived, and will merge with the Shadow Factory website (formerly known as Joy Division Bootlegs)!


All contents of these Joy Division pages was compiled from the following sources (in no particular order):
  1. Joy Division / written and compiled by Mike West. - Todmorden : Babylon Books, cop. 1984. - ISBN 0.907188.21.4
  2. An ideal for living : an history of Joy Division / Mark Johnson. - London [etc.] : Bobcat Books, cop. 1986. - ISBN 0.7119.1065.0. - First published in 1984 by Proteus Books
  3. New Order + Joy Division : pleasures and wayward distractions / Brian Edge. - Revised ed. - London [etc.] : Omnibus Press, cop. 1988. - ISBN 0.7119.1439.7
  4. Dal cuore della città = From the centre of the city / di Alfredo Suatoni. - Roma : Stampa Alternativa, 1990. - ISBN 88.7226.026.4
  5. Touching from a distance : Ian Curtis and Joy Division / Deborah Curtis. - London [etc.] : Faber and Faber, 1995. - ISBN 0.571.17445.0
  6. Heart And Soul 4CD box on London Records (828 968-2), with booklet (December 1997)
  7. Record Collector No. 221 (January 1998)
  8. Bernt Rostad's website "Welcome to the Atrocity Exhibition" (unfortunately moved and then disappeared from the web, also see above)
  9. Dennis Remmer's website " The Factory Discography" (Version 5.4 November 1997, and Version 6.1 May 1998)
  10. Chris Warren's website "Shadowplay", now closed but archived at the Shadow Factory website (formerly known as Joy Division Bootlegs)
  11. Joy Division / New Order songbook
  12. Joy Division / New Order : a history in cuttings (1977-1983)
  13. Joy Division : lyrics, discography (no more details, I only have a photocopy)
  14. Jan Erik Justesen & Řyvind Franck, who both provide(d) some great and rare information
  15. Sebastian Luetzow for providing loads of information, be sure to visit his Factory Australia/Canada website
  16. additional information from various websites
  17. and of course my own collection of Joy Division releases was a major inspiration

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Created: January 15, 1998
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