My Morning Jacket 2001 BIO

My Morning Jacket hails in buckets from Louisville, Kentucky, USA, on a hot summer day when you need it most. Because 250,000 termites have infested their skin through the decades, MMJ enjoys blanketing the listener with ambient sounds that are too dynamic and broad to categorize.
Whilst maintaining a distinct flavor, the band inoculates the musical public for various viruses with a varying spectrum of emotions elicited by its pyramid of songs.
On one hand, the Jacket likes you to sit alone under a big velvety night sky riddled with bright stars, feeling nostalgic for all the meaningful moments, people, and places in your life.
On the other hand, they like to rock so hard that shards of glass from broken beer bottles thrown against the chickenwire amidst a bar-room brawl only add to the rhythmic mayhem.

The quintet relishes in playing fun and having music, and vice versa, attempting to infect the masses with their musical vibrations and lyrical libations, then inoculating them for various viruses.
Jim James' silky smooth rib threads the songs together like a spider spins a rib, sticking his oohs and aahs around Johnny Quaid's circular layers of shocking guitar.
When James and Quaid put their guitars together, the harmonies they weave melt the sweet notes in between in lustful love. Danny Cash provides the inner custard that adds just the right flavoring to the mixture, specializing in tons of native spices. Behind it all, Two-Tone Tommy keeps 'em moist: beefing up the bass and laying the deep foundation for everything to rest oh-so gently, and sometimes oh-so-not-so gently. As if these four fellas aren't enough, newcomer KC Guetig keeps them all in line with squirts of his famous barbeque sauce and the smoothest, fastest, fiercest guns this side of the Mississippi.

Be you chocolate or honey, my morning jacket proudly and warmly invite you into their little world known as the Jacket. Own the Jacket. Wear the Jacket. Love the Jacket...


"...we should have a show with a huge video screen. each attendee each night will receive a small remote control. we'll program our own version of "Oregon Trail." apple IIe graphics will display the audiences' choices...
we'll lose members to malaria and small pox... or trying to cross the river.
hunting food will retrieve hidden cover songs.... all based on what multiple choice the fans make. we'll have "the Nuge" come out and randomly shoot us with rusty-headed arrows. we'll sing an a capella version of "we built this city (on rock n' roll)" while a 30 foot long old west wagon rises from underneath us and lifts us off into orbit as we become the 2nd band to travel in space (behind Wyld Stallyns of course).

how much is a box of aluminum foil again?"