My Morning Jacket is a five-piece band from Louisville, KY, built solidly around the vocal and song writing talent of group leader Jim James. Their sound is lonesome, haunting, almost classic country at times, and that voice Jim James' voice shares the same section of that old country highway with the familiar sounds of Neil Young, yet sounds right at home here in the world of independent American pop music, alongside contemporary singers like the Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne and Galaxy 500's Dean Warham.

My Morning Jacket weaves songs and sounds together perfectly underneath the big open sky filled with bright stars of course never allowing the heavy reverb (and the reverb is definitely heavy) to subtract anything from the visual lyrics, or from the simple beauty of the songs themselves.

Along with singer Jim James, My Morning Jacket is made up of cousin Johnny Quaid (guitar), Two-Tone Tommy (bass), Danny Cash (keyboards), and Patrick Hallahan (drums).

The band released their debut on Darla Records in 1999, the critically acclaimed The Tennessee Fire, and found themselves gaining popularity not only in the United States, but in Europe as well; the Benelux countries being particularly fond of My Morning Jacket. They have logged many tours of Belgium and the Netherlands and have been the subject of a Dutch documentary film.

The band's second album, At Dawn, finds My Morning Jacket virtually unchanged on record, with more of the same high-quality writing: hauntingly beautiful melodies all drenched with that (by now) familiar reverb and featuring that unique and emotive voice. Their live shows and new music have increasingly become bigger, more powerful and more all out rock-and-roll blow-outs, while still keeping in touch with the haunting melodies that they have started to become known for. My Morning Jacket lives in a world of wide-open spaces covered with a velvet sky, not alt-country, not indie rock, just beautifly classic Americana music.

- Terrance Miles, with revisions by Jim James.