On Sunday February 18, 2007 the following message was posted on the official Sodastream website:

"After 10 years, Sodastream have decided to call it a day.
A massive thankyou to all our fans, everyone that has come to our shows, and all the people who have helped us out along the way.
We will miss you.


illustrated DISCOGRAPHY in chronological order ...

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created December 23, 2004
online since January 26, 2005
last updated on January 10, 2007

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Aquamudvuv (Australia)
amv 010cd


  1. New Horse
  2. Another Little Loafer
  3. Sunday Best
  4. Turnstyle
  5. International Roast
  6. Neon
  7. Pony Rides

CD only EP.

7" vinyl single
joint release by
Chapter Music
Aquamudvuv Music
CH 19 / amv 012

7" vinyl single
Bad Jazz (UK)

The Sky Is Beginning To Bruise - Karl Smith solo single

  1. Your Work?
  2. Must Say More
  3. No Faith
  4. Ruins

Solo 7" vinyl single by Sodastream's Karl Smith.

Some copies do have the label for side B on both sides ...

this is a joint release by
Sodastream Music
Aquamudvuv Music

November 1, 1999
Trifekta (Australia)

Drive-In Records (US)

Tugboat Records (UK)

Practical Footwear

  1. Unsteady
  2. West 45th
  3. Autumn Song
  4. Hope Grocery
  5. Boss
  6. Fog

CD only EP. Includes "Neon" clip.

The original 1998 release was limited to 500 copies, and comes in a brown fold-out cardboard sleeve.
Reissues come in a regular jewelcase with blue sleeve.

7" vinyl single
joint release by
Pickled Egg Records
and Blue Soda (UK)
EGG10 / SODA01


  1. Turnstyle
  2. Evening Song
  3. Hope Grocery

May 22, 2000
Trifekta (Australia)

June 23, 2000
Tugboat Records (UK)

Looks Like A Russian

  1. Able Hands
  2. Fitzroy Strongman
  3. 40 Days
  4. Done With Everything
  5. What A Lovely War
  6. Song In Uniform
  7. Excuse Boots
  8. Meals
  9. God In The Corner Store
  10. Wedding Day
  11. Send/Phone
  12. Messiah

CD only debut album.

September 3, 2001
Trifekta (Australia)

September 21, 2001
Tugboat Records (UK)

October 25, 2001
P-Vine (Japan)

The Hill For Company

  1. Heaven On The Ground
  2. Lushington Hall
  3. Trouble On The Railway
  4. Fresh One
  5. Mood In The Bunker
  6. Welcome Throw
  7. A Drum
  8. Real Prince
  9. Devil On My Shoulder
  10. Another Trial
  11. Send My Love To Those Who Deserve It

"The Hill For Company" music by Sodastream.

November 2001
Acuarela (Spain)
NOIS 021

co-release with
Candle Records (Australia)

In Between Times

  1. Sister Night
  2. Record
  3. Sunday
  4. Varkhala

CD only EP.

June 10, 2003
Homesleep (Italy)

Homesleep Singles Club 6

  1. Seasons On A Slope
  2. Without My Echo

Also listed as released on August 25, 2003, mainly on German sites ...
June 10, 2003 has been taken from an Italian website ...

August 4, 2003
Trifekta (Australia)

September 3, 2003
Wonderground (Japan)

October 10, 2003
Hausmusik (Germany)
hm 064

January 2004
Microindie Records(US)

June 14, 2004
Fortuna POP! (UK)

A Minor Revival

  1. Out
  2. Blinky
  3. Brass Lines
  4. Chorus Line
  5. Horses
  6. Undone
  7. Mrs Gray
  8. Nervous
  9. Constant Ships
  10. Otherwise Open
  11. America
  12. The Women's Revue
  13. Weekend

    The Japanese CD on Wonderground Music has been released with 2 bonus tracks:

  14. Seasons On A Slope
  15. Without My Echo
    (both tracks are from the "Homesleep Singles Club 6" CD-single - see above)

promotional only
Trifekta/FMR (Australia)

Constant Ships

  1. Constant Ships
  2. America
  3. Horses
  4. Constant Ships (video)

Lifted from the album 'A Minor Revival' out now on Trifekta / FMR.
Constant Ships video clip created by Adrian Holmes.
Footage licensed from ABC Television. Copyright 2003.

For Promotional Use Only

June 2004
Fooltribe (Italy)

Concerto al Barchessone Vecchio 28 04 02

  1. Trouble On The Railway
  2. Done With Everything
  3. Fresh One
  4. ...
  5. Devil On My Shoulder
  6. Horses On The Ground
  7. Lushington Hall
  8. Chorus Line
  9. Fitzroy Strongman
  10. Wedding Day
  11. Send My Love To Those Who Deserve It
  12. Welcome Throw
  13. Heaven On The Ground
  14. Mood In The Bunker
  15. A Drum

Also sold during the Australian August 2004 tour ...

October 3, 2005
Trifekta (Australia)

Take Me With You When You Go

  1. Cane and Rice
  2. Keith and Tina
  3. Cotton Fields
  4. Looking Back
  5. Charity Board
  6. Steeps and Hollow
  7. Let It All Turn Black

CD only EP.

May 22, 2006
Trifekta (Australia)

October 2, 2006
Fortuna POP! (UK)

October 10, 2006
Hausmusik (US/Japan)

October 16, 2006
Homesleep Music (Italy)

October 20, 2006
Hausmusik (Germany)
(Europe ex. Italy and UK)

November 7, 2006
Hausmusik (Germany)


  1. Warm July
  2. Anti
  3. Twin Lakes
  4. Tickets To The Fight
  5. Anniversary
  6. Michelle's Cabin
  7. Firelines
  8. Reservations
  9. Don't Make A Scene
  10. Young And Able

December 1999
VPRO (The Netherlands)

De Avonden Xmas 1999

  • Song In Uniform (early version)

    "This compilation of Christmas-songs is a gift-only CD. Fifty are made of them. It is, and will not be reproduced by any means to be sold for commercial purposes. It is a present to all the artists participating in this project and all the contributors to our VPRO radioshow, 'De Avonden'. Apart from celebrating, in various ways, the Christmas event itself, it serves as a remembrance of the fruitfull collaboration between the artists and the program in past and present years. We would like to express our deeply gratitude to all the artists providing us with their impressive contributions to this project. And we hope to meet in the nearbye future. Best wishes and a happy 2000.

    On behalf of VPRO's Radio 5 'De Avonden',
    Berry Kamer, Maurice Woestenburg and Jan Hiddink."

    A selection of tracks from this CD-R (without Sodastream!) has been
    broadcast on December 23, 1999 by VPRO Radio 5 'De Avonden'.

  • CD
    April 2000
    See-Through Records (Italy)

    But Solid

  • She's Angry

  • CD
    March 2001
    Library Records (Australia)

    Pacific Highway

  • West 45th (recorded live in session for "Pacific Highway", 3RRR, Melbourne, Australia)

    3RRR FM is an independent, listener supported, community radio station based in Melbourne, Australia. All songs on this CD were recorded live in the 3rrr studios and broadcast live to air on Nathalie Fernbach's show, Pacific Highway.

  • CD
    Spring 2001
    Comes With A Smile (UK)

    Pretty Together - Comes with a Smile Vol. 3

  • Trouble On The Railway (recorded live in session for "De Avonden", VPRO Radio 5, The Netherlands)

    Various artists compilation CD that came with "Comes With A Smile" magazine issue #7.

  • 2CD
    ABC Music (Australia)

    Triple J Live And Unleashed - australian live music

  • Fresh One (recorded live in session for "The Australian Music Show", Triple J, Australia, June 26, 2000)

    Various artists compilation double CD featuring live Australian music recorded in session for Triple J during 2000 and 2001.

  • 2CD
    late 2001
    Acuarela (Spain)
    NOIS 1022

    Acuarela Songs

  • Colouring Iris

    "The idea is for the word "acuarela" (or its English and French equivalents, "watercolor / watercolour" and "aquarelle") to be included somewhere in the title, the spirit or the lyrics of the songs. Kind of like a homage, explicitly or implicitly to our label, which has been going on for 7 years now. Sometimes the concept went out of hand, while we were clapping, drawn in shadow."

  • CD
    early 2002
    Homesleep Records (Italy)
    rec 2008

    Homesleephome 2

  • Pale Blue Eyes (Velvet Underground cover)

    "Homesleephome Cover Album" - "Homesleephome 2 Cover Songs".

    (p) & (c) homesleep 2001

  • CD
    May 2002
    Heavenly Pop Hits (Sweden)

    Hit Music Only
    A Heavenly Pop Hits compilation

  • Waiting Gift

    Limited edition CD of 500 copies.

    "Karl Smith and Pete Cohen have enjoyed great critical acclaim for their past releases including two fullength albums (Looks Like A Russian and The Hill For Company), two minialbums and some singles and EP's. The song included here, Waiting Gift, dates back to the band's early days and was originally included on a regionally released compilation from 1997 in their howntown of Fitzroy, Australia."

  • CD
    November 11, 2003
    Tract Records (US)

    Eye Of The Beholder Vol. 3

  • Bring Him Down

  • 2CD
    August 2004
    Tract Records (US)

    January 31, 2006
    Tract Records (US)

    Various Artists - I Am A Cold Rock. I Am Dull Grass
    A Tribute To The Music Of Will Oldham

  • Southside Of The World (Will Oldham cover)

    Originally released as a limited edition tribute double CD of 500 copies. Out of print.

    This tribute has been rereleased as a single CD on January 31, 2006.
    It has a few new contributions, some were deleted, but Sodastream's performance is still on the disc.

  • 33 rpm 7" vinyl EP
    Summer/Autumn 2005
    Tragadiscos (Spain)
    Traga #001

    Various Artists - Ä PoP

  • Firelines

    Limited edition of 250 handnumbered copies, of which only 190 will be sold!
    The remaining copies have been mailed out to the participating artists.
    Go to the Tragadiscos website to purchase a copy of this single ...

  • CD

    CD with book
    October 27, 2006
    Hausmusik (Germany)

    2LP with book
    October 27, 2006
    Hausmusik (Germany)

    Various Artists - You Can't Always Listen To Hausmusik - But...

  • Something That We All Find (w/ Ms. John Soda)

    Hausmusik 15th anniversary release for which 14 writers (including Thomas Palzer, Franz Dobler, Katja Huber, Harald, Staun, Didi Neidhart, Julian Weber, Sebastian Dietrich, Rev. Christian Dabeler, Almut Klotz, Roderich Fabian, Nora Scholz, Annemone Fesl and Martin Steinm ller) split into pairs to produce seven stories, each beginning with "Man kann nicht immer nur - hören," which translates to, "You can't always listen to..." Several additional contributors (Martin Dessecker, Doris Lasch, Ursula Ponn, Nadine Spengler, Martin Tom Dieck, Atak, CX Huth, Dominik Binegger, Melissa Gates, Helge Reumann, Xavier Robel, Marion Gerth and Silke Heinrich) produced comic book art, and also lent a hand in the creation of the tales.

    The musicians, like the writers, worked in twos, with one artist beginning a song and another finalizing it. Pairs include Calexico and the Notwist, Console and Loopspool, Sodastream and Ms. John Soda, Couch and Squares on Both Sides, and more.

    Also released in the UK (November 16, 2006), and in the US (December 5, 2006).

    All songs are available for sale (99 euro cents per track) in high quality MP3-format (320 kbps) at the Hausmusik download shop.

  • Visit the official Sodastream website for the latest news about the band ...

    On Sunday February 18, 2007 the following message was posted there:

    "After 10 years, Sodastream have decided to call it a day.
    A massive thankyou to all our fans, everyone that has come to our shows, and all the people who have helped us out along the way.
    We will miss you.

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